Academically, the CIESE–Comillas is organized into departments and fields of study. The departments are the basic entities responsible for organizing, developing and coordinating the instructional, research and dissemination tasks for one or more fields of knowledge, in accordance with the Center’s academic program. Every departmental area has several preferential lines of investigation.


Head: Dr. Nuria González Alonso

  • Language and Communication Area (Coordinator: Dr. Inmaculada Martínez Martínez):
    • Spanish Language
    • General Linguistics
    • Latin Philology
  • Literature Area (Coordinator: Dr. Javier Helgueta Manso)
    • Spanish Literature
    • Theory of Literature and Comparative Literature
  • Modern Languages Area (Coordinator: Jose Mateos Temprano)
    • English Philology
    • French Philology 
  • Geography, Landscape and Culture Area (Coordinator: Dr. Lourdes Amigo Vázquez):
    • Physical Geography
    • Human Geography
    • Regional Geographic Analysis
  • History of Spanish-speaking Countries Area (Coordinator: Dr. Nuria González Alonso):
    • Modern History
    • Contemporary History
    • History of America
    • History of Ideas and Social and Political Movements
  • History of Art Area (Coordinator: Dr. Celestina Losada Varea)
    • History of Art
    • Art Theory
    • Hispanic American Art
    • History of Spanish and Hispanic American Cinema 
    • Management of Cultural Heritage 

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