Sponsorship and patronage

The Comillas Foundation aspires to become a framework for productive collaboration between the public and private sectors, with a view to developing an educational project dedicated to advanced training, research and dissemination of Spanish language and culture, to serve as an International reference and influence the development of the town of Comillas, the surrounding area, and the Autonomous Community of Cantabria as a whole.

Private sponsorship must be understood as a symbiotic relationship in which the sponsors are to be adequately compensated for their cooperation through the achievement of the Foundation’s goals, in such a way that such contributions are also an investment for those making them, and not an unproductive expenditure. Private sponsorship is complemented by public contributions received by the Foundation.

The Foundation intends for private collaboration to be extensive and flexible enough to permit companies, institutions of all types and even individuals to find the most appropriate way to collaborate. With this goal in mind, the Comillas Foundation’s Board of Trustees, at the proposal of its Delegate Commission, approved on March 24, 2006 the Regulations for Sponsorship and Patronage.

The Regulations provide for the following categories of sponsors and patrons, as the result of contributions made to the Comillas Foundation by individuals and institutions:


Regulations for Sponsorship and Patronage