The Sociedad de Activos Inmobiliarios Campus Comillas (Comillas Campus Real Estate Society) was founded on December 7, 2005 as a single-member limited company, whose sole partner is the Comillas Foundation.

The SAICC was created for the purposes of acquiring, managing, administering, operating, maintaining, conserving, building and remodeling facilities and properties, the use, enjoyment or domain of which affect the purposes and objectives of the Comillas Project; it is also the registered owner of all the land on which the Comillas Campus is located.

Human Resources

For the Sociedad de Activos Inmobiliarios Campus Comillas, the people who make up its human resources are the essential foundation of its business success.

For this reason, the SAICC is engaged in the ongoing development of its employees, constantly investing in their professional growth.


Among the most important projects managed by the SAICC are:

  • Remodeling of the east cloister of the old Comillas Major Seminary to house the CIESE-Comillas headquarters (International Center for Higher Spanish Studies)
  • Stabilization of the west cloister of the old Comillas Major Seminary.
  • Approval for the Unique Regional Interest Project (PSIR).
  • Remodeling of the old auxiliary buildings (old power plant and carpentry workshop).
  • The Sociedad de Activos Inmobiliarios Campus Comillas believes that Quality Management is based on performing services and projects to build trust, for which the SAICC has the aim to obtain the satisfaction of the implied parts and continuous improvement, all reflected by Aenor certificate of Management Systems according to the International Quality Standard ISO 9001:2008.