The Major Seminary building, which houses the current site of the Comillas Foundation, is an architectural masterpiece of Spanish modernism of great historic value. Its renovation, which created an area equipped with modern installations to carry out its activities, was completed in 2010 and awarded the XV Prize for Architecture by the Official Architects School of Cantabria. The final design is a unique framework where both the elements that were recovered and those that were added converge to achieve a memorable aesthetic and functional setting. Its spectacular, bright central cloister, under which is found the old resevoir, today has been turned into a beautiful exhibition room, and it serves as the meeting point for the main areas and facilities of the center, which is organized over several floors: offices and administration rooms, storage areas, dining rooms and living rooms for students and professors, graduate student room, library, study rooms, meeting rooms, computer room, laboratories and classrooms of varied size that are adapted to the needs of each group and equipped with the latest computer technologies – all these are witnesses to the versatile and multi-purpose facilities present at the Comillas Foundation.