NYU (New York University)


New York University, the University Center CIESE-Comillas and the Cluster of Biomedicine Valdecilla collaborate in the development of this 6-week intensive course that integrates Spanish classes for medicine and health with clinical immersion and participation in medical research projects. The growing importance of Spanish in the United States has created new needs in the field of health. Therefore, mastering the Spanish language is an added value for professionals in this field.

However, classes are just a complement league within this program that provides a personalized itinerary for each professional. The development of the program allows participants to meet European health system with all its peculiarities, as well as insertion into networks of medical research at the Cluster of Biomedicine Valdecilla.

Students will live the hospital day to day, actively participating in the work taking place in the various units as consultations, plants, laboratories, etc. They will also have the opportunity to interact with patients always under the supervision of a tutor. The language training is complemented by the use of social and interpersonal Spanish needed in the various cultural activities and leisure complementary to the academic program.