Spanish for secondary school


Starting every Monday


1 week, 20h + 5 cultural activities


Until one week before the start of the course


600 € (See all services included*)

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The CIESE-Comillas University Center has designed a unique linguistic and cultural immersion program for students of Spanish of secondary education.. With this course we try to bring groups not only to the language, but also to Spanish society and its customs.


Our courses are directed to groups of students of secondary that come accompanied from a teacher or responsible person. The academic team of CIESE-Comillas will adapt the content of the program to the needs of the students after the study of their language level.


The course lasts one week (20 teaching hours from Monday to Friday and five cultural and sports activities). The duration of the course can be extended. The price * includes the following services:

  • Group transfer from the airport of Santander to Comillas and from Comillas to the airport.
  • Initial level test
  • 20 hours of Spanish class.
  • Educational materials.
  • 5 cultural and sports activities.
  • Housing in families hostesses in regime of full board.
  • Housing in full board and activities for a teacher or accompanist for every group of 12 pupils.

aim of the course

Some of the main aims are:

  • Improve language skills and communicative skills in Spanish.
  • Promote linguistic immersion through real cultural integration in a family environment and in leisure and culture situations.
  • To acquire knowledge and cultural experiences that allow him to be opened for another vision of the world and to accede, this way, to the intercultural dimension of the course.

classroom without walls

Morning sessions will be destined for classes, whereas those of the evening and / or the weekend will be dedicated to the cultural and sports activities included in the program Classroom without walls.

Classroom without walls program has been designed to serve as a link between the content received in the conventional classroom and the practical and real experimentation in the immediate environment of intercultural contents.


Students will receive a certificate of achievement issued by the Comillas Foundation.