Intensive preparation course for SFL Master’s Degree


February, April, July and September


Until one week before the start


1 month: 1080€
3 months: 2900€
6 months: 5700€
9 months: 8350€

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This course has been designed with the aim of reaching a level of Spanish C1 proficiency according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​(CEFR). Once reached this level, the student will be able to participate with fluency and naturalness in general communicative situations or the specific ones of the SFL Master’s Degree.

The price includes:

  • DELE Exam
  • Educational materials.
  • To provide advice with the housing

student profile

The addressees of this course are students who want to reinforce his knowledge of the  B2 level and to reach those of the C1. This level is designed in order that at the end of the course the student has the ability to use the language in a wide range of situations, so that he could understand and produce complex texts on general or specialty topics, as in the case of the assistance and use of the program of the SFL Master’s Degree.


To take part in the communicative exchanges with a degree of fluency, precision and naturalness of C1 level

  • Use a sufficient linguistic repertoire to express themselves with arguments and with a clear pronunciation that they will use later in their participation in the SFL Master’s Degree.
  • To develop in social interactions without difficulties, because they will be inhabitants of a nucleus of Spanish population during their attendance to the SFL Master’s Degree.
  • Confront any type of text that deals with both specific and abstract topics, including technical debates inside his speciality, SFL's education.


The contents of level C1 will be worked mainly. Those corresponding to level B2 can be reviewed and consolidated but will not be the subject of preferential attention, if it is not necessary. Specific work will be done on grammatical, communicative, lexical and cultural contents.


There will be an evaluation of the use of the sessions and a continuous evaluation regarding the performances in class and the work done by the students.
The degree of development of the communicative competence and the process of internalization of the formal resources, as well as the contents necessary for the SFL Master’s Degree , will be assessed in a special way.