From literature to cinema in SFL classroom


From 12th to 23rd July


2 weeks (20 hours)


Until one week before the star of the course



This course is aimed at teachers who want to know how to bring literature and film to the SFL classroom effectively. A special study to the common genres in film and literature will be devoted (eg the film noir, the fantastic story, etc.) and also to the adjustments to the seventh art of literary texts. All this will be presented with didactic proposals that the SFL teacher will be able to include in his classes and will work in the creation of materials with both components, the literary one and the cinematographic one.


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  • To know the constitutive elements of the literary and cinematographic texts.
  • To analyze fragments of both speeches and to compare them.
  • To know the principal literary and movie periods, as well as the main genres and their application in the classroom.
  • To analyze adjustments of literary texts to the seventh art.
  • Introduce in SFL classroom, cinema and literatura as a tool in order to teach the language.
  • To create practical exercises for the classroom taking as a conductive thread literary and cinematographic texts.



Students who have participated in this course will receive a certificate of attendance and achievement issued by the Comillas Foundation.