Spanish for Teachers

CIESE-Comillas presents an educational proposal for Spanish language teachers that is adapted to the specific, current classroom needs of SFL. These programs will allow teachers to experiment with various tools or methodological solutions and expand their cultural or linguistic knowledge through immersion.


Our courses are intended for SFL teaching professionals who are working or intend to work in the education field. It is also oriented to graduate and post-graduate students who have a special interest in teaching the Spanish language and Hispanic culture.

The following programs are available


Some of the main objectives are:

  • To improve linguistic competences and communications skills in Spanish, as applicable to the student’s professional development.
  • To acquire cultural knowledge and experiences in the fields of History, Geography, Literature and Art, which open doors to another worldview, thereby accessing the intercultural dimension of the course.
  • To experience new methodologies and educational tools that help the participants hone their professional skills.

CLASSROOM without walls

The morning sessions will be dedicated to developing linguistic, communication and cultural competence and the afternoon and/or weekend sessions will be dedicated to the Classroom Without Walls program.

The Classroom Without Walls program has been designed to serve as a link between the contents presented in the conventional classroom and real, practical experimentation with the intercultural contents in the most immediate environment.

Since this is an immersion course, activities will take place both inside and outside the classroom, within the program. The contents of both areas will be perfectly connected and interrelated, and presented in a systematic manner. Each activity will have a guiding purpose and be supported by appropriate materials