Health and Medicine

CIESE-Comillas (International Center for Higher Spanish Studies) has designed a Spanish program aimed at professionals of the healthcare field. The courses take into account the special needs of each specialist: nurses, doctors, researchers and managers. They cover not only specific terminology but also social environment and communicative interactions in the medical center.


Our courses are intended for healthcare professionals and graduate and post-graduate students of these subjects or related subjects. The courses are oriented towards the following specific profiles:

Characteristics of the Courses

The minimum duration of course modules is two weeks (at least 50 h/week), which can be extended at the request of the student. They consist of three stages:

These stages include various hours of conferences and seminars in Spanish and active inclusion in a healthcare setting: the professional immersion in the Marqués de Valdecilla University Hospital is the backbone of these courses. 


At CIESE-Comillas, our challenge is for the professional to acquire both the communication skills and mastery required in his work environment and the social and cultural knowledge of the Hispanic world needed to improve healthcare practice by the following means:

  • Terminological variation and variety of documents in different countries
  • Particular aspects of the Spanish-speaking social environment
  • Sensitivity in the choice of vocabulary and structures when dealing with patients
  • Communicative interaction in the healthcare center

CLASSROOM without walls

This innovative academic proposal by CIESE-Comillas has been developed in collaboration with the centers that are included in the Classroom Without Walls program and within the framework of the regional development strategy of the Government of Cantabria, InverCantabria.

Noteworthy is the participation of the prestigious Marqués de Valdecilla University Hospital (HUMV) the Valdecilla Virtual Hospital (HVV) and the Valdecilla Research and Training Institute (IFIMAV).