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The objective of this course is achieving the necessary discursive and linguistic skills to be a successful communicator in the finance, banking and trade areas. In order to do so, we will use real written and oral documents of the field of specialization and we will pay attention to pertinent interactions such as product presentations, meetings, debates and negotiations among others. Cultural aspects that work as a framework for these situations will be continuously developed in order to reach a higher communicative effectiveness. Training will be completed with a linguistic and professional immersion in Banco Santander and other institutions that are part of the project as, the Chamber of Commerce of Cantabria or SODERCAN (Society for the Regional Development of Cantabria). In addition, the course includes a full-day visit to the Banco Santander Financial City and a seminar in the town of Boadilla, Madrid.

student profile

The course is thought for professionals in the field of finance and banking and undergraduate and postgraduate students from these materials and other related.

The academic team CIESE-Comillas will always make a deep study of the concrete learning profile of the student by analyzing their needs and  making a diagnosis of their language level.

In this way, the educational program will be adapted as possible to the student's interests and priorities. For us there is fundamental the personalized attention of every student to adapt the characteristics of the course to every group and to every individual.


Participate appropriately in meetings and negotiations requiring exchange of views and data.

Understand, analyze and produce own  texts in a  professional field such as letters, circulars, records, petitions, receipts, invoices, budgets and other more free writing as reports, studies and proposals, among others.

To develop own skills of intercultural interaction of the area of speciality.

To extend the knowledge on the different styles of negotiation and persuasive communication, the own characteristics of the leadership or the values estimated in the business world in the cultural Hispanic environment.

Use strategies to acquire specific vocabulary of the structures of the business world in the production of oral and written texts.

To develop the capacity of planning oral and written texts and be aware of the strategies to organize coherent and united speeches with the purpose of expressing arguments to settle problems or to convince in a negotiation.

To select the linguistic forms adapted to every type of text with the purpose of reaching the effective communication in the situations of the company.


Common thematic block

  • Enterprise culture and communication in the business
  • The finance and banking in Spain and Latin America.
  • Organization of the company and human resources
  • Economic, business and commercial law
  • Trading in Spain and Latin America.
  • Marketing, corporate image and business communication

Specific thematic block

  • The economy and the financial and banking sector in Spain.
  • The economy and the financial and banking sector in Latin America.
  • The Exchange and financial institutions in Spain and Latin America.
  • Principal bank institutions and their rolls in the Hispanic society.
  • The company, the financial markets and the Corporate social responsibility (CSR).


The evaluation is formative in nature and its objectif is to control the status of learning and the needs of each student throughout the process. A first evaluation diagnostic is performed to determine the starting point and the needs of students. Throughout the course, students complete a diary learning document that will serve as formative assessment and self-assessment. An autoevaluation will be carried out and there will also be carried out collaborative evaluation of the activities of oral and written expression by the students.


Diploma of exploitation issued by the Comillas Foundation

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