Classroom Without Walls

The section named Classroom Without Walls - Professionals is a program of immersion activities within the SPANISH IN PROFESSIONAL CONTEXTS educational program that has been designed for learning the Spanish language in a specific, real and participative professional setting, making the most of the social and cultural immersion that is central to the complementary activities program.

Organization and planning

The organization of the linguistic immersion, cultural and professional activities offered by the CLASSROOM WITHOUT WALLS – Professionals adjusts to the learning schedules, levels and interests of the attendees. Its flexible design can adjust to the particular characteristics of each professional.


The SPANISH FOR PROFESSIONALS program includes several branches with various courses and activities. 

The Spanish for Medicine and Health Care branch is subdivided into four professional profiles, the design of which includes an academic, linguistic, cultural and professional immersion program The profiles cover nursing, medicine, medical research and management and administration of health care centers. 

Likewise, the branch of Spanish for finances, business and companies includes a variety of professional profiles with specific immersion courses and activities, such as finances and banking, management and administration of centers, economic and entrepreneurial law, entrepreneurial marketing and communication and commerce. 

Our courses are intended for professionals from these sectors and graduate and post-graduate students of these subjects or related subjects. 

The branch of academic Spanish  is intended for graduate and post-graduate students and professors and researchers who need to be competent in Spanish within the world of academics.


The training offered by SPANISH FOR PROFESSIONALS is complemented by a significant number of practical classes consisting in immersion in specific professional environments: visits to institutions, work sessions and workshops, seminars, conferences, shadowing of professionals and other complementary activities. In this regard, the ample network of permanent collaboration with public institutions and private companies at the disposal of our program is the backbone of our training offer and the seal of quality that places us above other learning options. The branch of Spanish for finances, business and companies counts on the collaboration of the Banco de Santander, the Cantabria Chamber of Commerce and the Society for the Regional Development of Cantabria (SODERCAN), among other companies. Noteworthy in the Medicine and Health Care program is the participation of the prestigious Marqués de Valdecilla University Hospital (HUMV) the Valdecilla Virtual Hospital (HVV) and the Valdecilla Research and Training Institute (IFIMAV).