2018 schedule

In this section you can check all spanish courses programming:

Course name Dates Mode
Spanish for secondary school Starting every Monday
Spanish for Asian students First Monday of the month
Spanish and surf April, May and June:
Start first Monday of the month

July, August and September:
Start every Monday
Online Spanish courses
Tailor-made courses Starting every Monday
Creation of didactic materials in Spanish for Specific Purposes classroom (SSP) From 24th May to 20th June
Creation and management of a language center From 2nd to 29th November
Initial training for teachers of Spanish as a Foreign Language (SFL) From 28th June to 23rd July

From 6th September to 3rd October
From literature to cinema in SFL classroom From 12th to 23rd July
DELE preparation course COURSES (start - end)
01/02/21 - 18/02/21
22/03/21 - 08/04/21
03/05/21 - 21/05/21
21/06/21 - 08/07/21
23/08/21 - 09/09/21
20/09/21 - 07/10/21
25/10/21 - 12/11/21
University Master’s Degree in Teaching SFL
Degree in Hispanic Studies